Folio Class Ages 14 to 18


Jo Armstrong


Folio Class Ages 14 to 18

Jo Armstrong

Saturday Afternoon 12:45 to 2:45
13th October to 15th December   
(10 Weeks)


About Jo Armstrong
My name is Jo Armstrong and I teach art at Arts-on-Burgundy. Contrary to the common idea that only a few people are really “talented”, I believe that most people can draw quite well. I tend to teach all students a basic method of approaching drawings, and I find that even the very young can benefit from these ideas. Painting is more of a challenge, and I tend to have a fairly structured approach to teaching that, as well.

I tend to be a generalist rather than a specialist, having taught all levels from children to teenagers to adults for over 18 years. Originally trained in the Meldrum method of tonal painting, I have since endeavoured to branch out and personalise my technique. I have taught painting in acrylic, oils and inks; drawing in pen, pencil, pastel, charcoal; as well as design, printmaking, and ceramics. My strongest skill is in realistic drawing. I aspire to be a much better portrait painter and illustrator. Apart from that, I enjoy landscapes and ceramic plate design.

I am a “high-intensity” teacher, interacting and questioning my students a lot. I also encourage them to swap advice and discuss between themselves. However, I know that doing art can also be a long and solitary process, and to that end also try to promote reflection and discipline. I would love to inspire more Australian students to become professional artists.

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